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For Women Who (Want to) Travel Alone

This comes at the perfect time, when I’m planning a big road trip, as a reminder that seeing the world around us, alone or with company, is a worthy endeavor.

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21 Reasons Mexico's Head Coach Should Be Your Favorite Human Being

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Mexico’s Political Cartoonists Question Citizens’ Priorities During the World Cup, Legislator Intentions

Mexico’s best political cartoonists have been working extra hard recently to get people to pay attention to an energy reform bill currently being debated in the Senate. The bill would open Pemex (Mexico’s state-owned oil company) up to private investment, risking, many say, one of the government’s largest sources of income.

With so much at play, it’s not a coincidence that PRI and PAN legislators didn’t take any chances and scheduled debate of this bill to coincide with Mexico’s World Cup games. A cynical move if there ever was one. Analysts say the Peña Nieto administration and members of the PAN have agreed to a mutually beneficial pact that would allow high-ranking members of their parties to profit financially from this bill.

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Al pueblo, pan y circo.

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Lunch was oven-roasted brussel sprouts with tofu sautéed in garlic and marinated in Goya’s Mojo Criollo.

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Future acrylic on canvas. #drawing #pencil #paper #art #gottahaveheart #elcorazón #lotería

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I first heard this read by Sandra Cisneros. It’s an amulet.


Joy Harjo - “I Give It Back: A Poem To Get Rid of Fear”


I release you,
my beautiful and terrible fear.
I release you.
You are my beloved and hated twin

but now I don’t know you
as myself.

I release you 
with all the pain
I would know
at the death
of my children.

You are not my blood

I give you back to the soldiers
who burned down my home
beheaded my children
raped and sodomized my brothers
and sisters.

I give you back to those 
who stole the food from our plates
when we were starving.

I release you, fear,
because you were born,
and I was born, with eyes
that can never close.

I release you.
I release you.
I release you.

I am not afraid to be angry
I am not afraid to rejoice
I am not afraid to be hungry
I am not afraid to be full
I am not afraid to be black
I am not afraid to be white
I am not afraid to be hated
I am not afraid to be loved
To be loved
To be loved, fear,

oh, you have choked me
but I gave you the leash.

You have gutted me
but I gave you the knife.

You have devoured me
but I laid myself across the fire.

I take myself back, fear
You are not my shadow any longer.
I won’t hold you in my hands, 
in my eyes, my ears, my voice, my belly
or in my heart, my heart, my heart, my heart, my heart…

Come here, fear,
I am alive!
and you are so afraid
of dying.

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Carta de mi prima venezolana (hija de exiliados políticos de la dictadura uruguaya) en la cual nos explica a la familia la grave situación en Venezuela en estos días. Recomiendo su lectura.


Por estos días vi la foto de los presidentes latinoamericanos posando con Raúl Castro en Cuba. Una…

Esto está pasando en Venezuela.

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You gotta give it to MOCA, for coming up with the genius idea to turn Los Angeles Free-for-All Museum Day into #10MuseMOCA.
Their challenge to Angelenos was simple: visit 10 museums on Jan. 25, get a two-year membership.
Oh, it was on.
I started by mapping out the 20 participating museums, then compiling opening and closing times for each, then clustering the museums by proximity and opening/closing times. What this meant was that I would start the day with the museums that opened earliest, and make my way across greater LA, with stops along those that closed earlier (4:00p.m. for the LAFD Memorial & Museum), and ending at a museum that closed after 5:00pm (in this case LACMA).
Here’s how it went down:

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Think. Talk. Question. #art 🎨#streetart #painting #dtla #igersla #losangeles #california (at Starbucks)

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Things to do in LA: #echopark #pedalboats, $10 per adult. Before or after a bite to eat at the boathouse, run by Square One Cafe. #echoparklake #losangeles (at Echo Park Boathouse)

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One of my favorite places in LA.
The Globe chandelier was designed by Goodhue Associates, modeled by Lee Lawrie and manufactured by the Thomas Day Company of Los Angeles. Composed of cast bronze, it weighs one ton and is 9 feet in diameter. Its’ original cost was $40,000.
 Artist David Bunn transformed the elevators into “observation pods” traveling between subject divisions by using some of the Library’s seven million catalog cards rendered obsolete by the new state-of-the-art automation system. 
#lapl #laplcentral #library #books #reading #72branches #dtla #losangeles (at Los Angeles Public Library - Central)

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The Farm Fresh to You veggies arrived this week, so I’ve been thinking of ways to cook the squash, potatoes, broccoli, etc.
Started this soup sautéing one shallot and several (6-7) cloves of garlic in Earth Balance butter. Pre-boiled the potatoes and broccoli before adding it to the pot. Cooked that for a few more minutes in vegetable broth, until it simmered and reduced, then took an immersion blender to purée the soup. Topped it off with a dollop of non-dairy sour cream.

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So. Good. #pho #vegan #silverlake #foodporn (at Pho Cafe)

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#banana French toast. #brunch #ninotime #foodporn #silverlake #losangeles (at Home Restaurant)